MEE6 Discord Bot Commands [Complete List]

MEE6 Commands [Complete List]

Discord is a free tool that allows people to connect with their friends and community through voice, video, and text. With many advanced features, Discord has become popular amongst users. Integration of bots in servers is one of its coolest features. Many bots are being developed daily; choosing the best one is tough work. MEE6 is one of the highly rated bots that can make your Administrative work easier. It provides multiple functionalities.

How To Install & Set Up MEE6? 

Before you learn the commands, you need to install and set up MEE6. You can follow these steps to accomplish the task easily:

  • First of all, go to
  • Click on Login with Discord
  • Enter your Discord credentials and click on Log In
  • Now you’ll get an option Add To Discord; click on that. 
  • Then choose the server to which you want to add the bot. 
  • A pop-up will open. 
  • You need to select the features you want to do with this bot. 
  • Then click on Authorize

The bot installation process has been completed; it’s time to set up the bot properly. Let’s see how you can do the setup:

  • Open Discord. 
  • Click on the Server Settings
  • Then click on Roles
  • Move the bots under Master. 
  • Now right-click on MEE6, click on Roles, and tick the Bot roles

That’s it, the setup process is completed, and the bot will start doing its work. 

Features Of MEE6

What differentiates MEE6 from other bots? The multi-dimensional functionalities. There are multiple features of the MEE6 bot. Let’s have a glance at some of them:

  • You can assign the bot a custom command that delivers important notifications, informs members about different events, sends automated group rules to alert new members, and many more.
  • MEE6’s moderation system helps your Discord server from getting spammed with phishing links, irrelevant advertisements, etc.
  • You can set up automated actions like banning, muting, and kicking out someone.
  • You can challenge your members to a musical competition using the bot. You can search for your favorite music directly from the MEE6’s dashboard.

MEE6 Discord Bot Commands List

Commands help you to take out the most of a bot. There are many MEE6 Bot Commands, Moderation Commands, Music Commands, Birthday Commands, Message Commands, and Level Commands. We’ll see all the commands in the post. 

Moderation Commands:

  • !ban @username – If any of your server’s members behave against the rules, you can use this command to ban him.
  • !tempban @username duration – If you want to ban someone temporarily, then you can use this command.
  • !warn @username – You can use this command to warn someone. This bot can also send a short message regarding the warning.
  • !tempmute @username – If you want to mute someone temporarily, then you can use this command.
  • !infractions @username – This command lets you know a user’s previous mute and ban history. 
  • !clear-all-infractions @username – If you want to remove a user’s past infractions, use this command.
  • !kick @username – Kicking a particular member from the discord server has become easier. You can use this command to kick someone out of the server.

Music Commands:

  • !play [URL] – If you want your members to listen to a song, then you can use this command. The bot will fetch the URL details and start playing a song.
  • !queue – If you want to create a lineup of songs, use this command.
  • !add [URL] – This command can keep adding songs to your queue.
  • !vote-skip – If you want to create a vote to skip a song, then you can use this command.
  • !start-quiz – You can start a music-based quiz by simply using this command.

Birthday Commands:

  • !birthday @username – As its name suggests, it will help you view any particular user’s birthday.
  • !remember-birthday [date] – You can use this command to remember someone’s birthday. The date format is YYYY-MM-DD or MM-DD.
  • !forget-birthday – This command orders the bot to forget your birthday.
  • !set-user-birthday @username – You can use this command to set any member’s birthday.
  • !next-birthday – If you want to know whose birthday is forthcoming, then you can use this command. It will show you the birthdays of 10 people.

Message Commands:

  • !slow-mode – If users are spamming messages, you can use this command. Users have to wait for the time you set before they can send any other message.
  • !clear [1-1000] – This command simply deletes the number [1-1000] of messages from your Discord server.

Level Commands:

  • !give-xp @username – If you want to give any member some points, then you can use this command.
  • !remove-xp @username – As the name suggests, it will remove some points of the mentioned user.
  • !rps – You can play the Rock Paper Scissors game using this command. The game gives coins to the users.
  • !level – This command shows the levels of all the members. You can have a look at the leaderboard using this command.
  • !richest – If you want to know the richest member of your server, then use this command.

How To Add Custom Commands? 

This feature helps you create a customized command. You can share any message, such as group rules. To do that, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Log in to your account.
  • After logging in, you will be redirected to the bot’s dashboard.
  • Now click on Custom Commands.
  • Then click on Add.
  • Now on the command name, add any name you want; it goes like !rules, !faq, etc.
  • Under this, you will find the option bot responds with, enter a message you want to execute when the command is executed.
  • Click on the save button below your screen.


So, these were the Best MEE6 Discord Bot Command List. We discussed different types of commands in the post. I hope you have got good information from the post. If you have liked the post, share it with your friends to tell them about the MEE6 Bot. Although I tried answering all of your questions, you can ask below if you have any. Thank you for reading the post, have a good day! 

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