How To Get Free Chegg Trial in 2022

Chegg free trial

Homework is a part of every student’s life. And today, when students face these many challenges with their studies, they have a very limiting studying source. If you want to get Chegg-free answers, check out this article.

Although so many educational platforms and websites are helping students for free, there are different requirements for students related to their studies. And when talking about help with homework, one of the first platforms one can think about is Chegg.  

Today’s children have a lot on their plate already. They have to manage their studies with other activities as well.

And a student engaging in sports, learning a new language, and other such activities are also expected to complete their homework on time and maintain their grades.

So, this article is for you for all those students with the minimum of time left for homework and who need extra help. 

This article will teach you about Chegg, its features, and how to create a Chegg account. Plus, it is especially for all those students who haven’t used Chegg before and want to go for Chegg.

Because many of you ask how to get a free Chegg trial, and the advantage of Chegg’s free trial can only be enjoyed by people who haven’t subscribed to Chegg already. 

How Does Chegg Help With Homework?

To understand the working of Chegg, let’s first understand what Chegg is. Chegg is an educational service provider helping students with Homework and textbooks.

Not only this, but Chegg provides additional services to its Chegg Study Pack members. And now, it’s time to answer how does Chegg help students with homework?

Chegg has a team of experienced people specializing in a subject called Chegg Experts and Tutors.

Whenever any Chegg user searches for a question on Chegg, a detailed explanation of the answer loads on their screen answered by these Chegg experts. If, as a user, you don’t find your question by searching, then you can also post a new question.

Any Chegg expert will answer your questions soon. 

The response time to answering a user’s question depends on the question. And every user must remember that they have limited chances to post a new question.

But most of the time, you will get a solution to your answer by simply searching, as Chegg has over 25 million answered questions. Chegg Study Pack members also get limited tutoring if they need any explanation on any question.

Features Of Chegg

Coming to features of Chegg, you all must know that you cannot use any feature of Chegg without subscribing to any of its plans. There are two types of Chegg subscription plans.

The first one is Chegg Study, which provides a single feature that helps with homework. With this plan, you can unlock Chegg questions. But with the other subscription plan, Chegg Study Pack, you get various benefits.

Also, it only costs 5 additional dollars, which is $19.95, compared to the Chegg Study plan, which costs $14.95. 

  • With Chegg Study Pack, you can search from the pool of millions of questions and get your homework done. Plus, if you don’t find your question in the list, you can post a new question that any Chegg experts will answer shortly. Chegg has over 25 million fully explained and detailed solutions.
  • With every month’s subscription, you get 20 new questions. This means you can ask up to 20 new questions per month. 
  • Chegg allows you to sell, purchase, read, or rent any library. So, with a Chegg membership, you can rent textbooks much lower. You will find all these options under the Books option on the top bar of the Chegg homepage. 
  • Chegg Study Pack provides you with a solution to your homework question and helps you with exam preparation, understanding a topic, and writing. They hire people to give tutoring to students who need help with understanding any topic. 
  • Chegg also provides different helpful tools that help you write essays and solve math problems. It provides you Plagiarism checker, Grammar checker, Expert proofreading, math solver, etc. All these tools help you a lot, and you don’t even have to go to different sites to use different tools. 
  • And not forgetting Chegg’s 1-week free trial option. Chegg provides you with a 1-week free trial period along with 30 mins of free tutoring time. This means you get to use Chegg for 7 days, and that too for free. This helps you understand Chegg and decide whether you want to continue taking Chegg’s services with payment. 

How To Get A Free Chegg Trial?

Getting a free Chegg trial is no hard rock to crack. Chegg provides 1-week free trial to all its first time-users. You can avail of this free trial only if you subscribe to Chegg for the first time. Follow these given steps to get a free Chegg trial.

  • Without any doubt, the first step is to create a Chegg account. For this, go to the Chegg website or click on this link.
  • Now, on the homepage, you can see an option that reads Get Started. Click on it to create your Chegg account.
  • A new page will open up. You must fill in your email address and enter a password for your Chegg account. You can also continue with your other accounts, such as your Google or Apple accounts.
  • Once you have filled both the required fields, tap on Create Account option to continue. 
  • Next, Chegg will ask you to choose any of the subscription plans. Select any one of your choice and tap on the Sign-in option.
  • Now, the payment page allows you to fill in your card details to complete the payment. You have two options for payment option. One is via PayPal, and the other one is via credit cards. 
  • Choose any payment method, and complete your payments.
  • Chegg automatically starts a 7-days free trial for you. But you should not forget to cancel your membership before the trial period ends, else the subscription amount will be deducted from your bank account. 

Final Words

You cannot use the Chegg free trial option unless you haven’t used Chegg services. If you don’t know about this option, you may miss canceling your subscription before the free trial ends and may never get a chance to use this option.

But now you know about it and how to get it. Chegg free trial covers 7 days of free Chegg features and a 30 min offer to learn from Chegg tutors. 

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