How To Delete Useless Photos on Android Phone

Delete Useless Photos

WhatsApp, Facebook is a very popular messenger app that is used by all internet users worldwide. There are many functions in social networks that are given a great communication rating in real, which connects you to other users on social media. But, some of our friends and group members also send useless pictures which are downloaded automatically to the phone.

If you do not want to keep them in your device, you can also select one by one and delete it too. But, how many such pictures will you choose and delete and how long you will continue. I mean, that is also a waste of our time.
We can also delete all those useless photos with the help of multiple selection features. This will be a very easy task for us, because if we receive more useless photos then it takes a lot of time to select and delete them. But, using the multiple selection features, you can automatically delete all those photos.

How To Delete Useless Photos on Android Phone

This method is quite simple and easy. You only have to follow the steps mentioned below.

Using Magic Cleaner App

Step-1: To start the process of automatic deleting useless photos, you first need to install the “Magic Cleaner” application. With this help, you can automatically delete wishes (Junk) photos like Good Morning and Good Night.
Step-2: Install this app in your phone and open it. After that, you will click on the option of the clean button. It will automatically delete all the junk photo on your device.
Step-3: To use this app, your device must have an internet connection available, unless the deleting process is complete.
If you are thinking that this process will take a lot of time, then let me tell you that the magic cleaner app does not even take 1 minute to delete junk photos. This app is safe for your device.
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