What Are the Preferable Baby Boy Names within 10 Years That Start With D?

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Are you about to deliver your bundle of joy? How exhilarating! There are so many things to consider when expecting a baby; despite that, there also seem like truckloads of essential things to plan. 

Whether it’s choosing what pre-K program you will enroll him in soon, how to embellish a nursery, or maybe you are worried about how to post your munchkin’s photo along with a cute caption and hashtag.

Once you become free from the hassles, one thing will indeed cross your mind – what will you be naming your little one? Let us help.

Top Baby Names of the Decade, Starting from D

Best Baby Boy Names with D

If ‘D’ is your preferred initial, you want your kiddo to hold onto it forever. That’s why the list includes the top 10 preferable baby boy names starting with D. So, looking through these boy names, you will surely get a significant notion of what moniker you want to give to your child.

Let’s quickly delve into the naming lists:

1. Dean

The name ‘Dean’ may sound more like a retro surfer kiddo name, but it is gradually climbing up the popularity ladder in the USA. The English-originated name ‘Dean,’ which means ‘church official.’ So, for decades, the name was correlated to Dean Martin. 

Nowadays, more current representatives are Dean Koontz, Dean Cain, and so on. Therefore, the name has become one of the preferable baby boy names starting with D, and your kiddo will be well-known due to the similarity with Dean Forrester. 

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2. Declan

‘Declan’ is one of the Anglicized terms of the famous Irish name Deaglan, which means ‘unknown,’ ‘possible,’ and ‘the man of prayer.’ This preferable boy name has been started using in the USA after the 1990s and still has a significant appealing trait. 

A powerful personality, St. Declan was one of the first leading missionaries to fetch Christianity to Ireland, antecedent St. Patrick. However, formerly from ancient Wales, he established the monastery of Ardmore in Ireland. 

3. Dustin

If your baby boy has just arrived in this beautiful world, name him ‘Dustin,’ which means ‘Thor’s stone.’ However, the name originated from a leading English surname that again emerged from a Norman personal name. 

It possibly evolved from the Old Norse, which includes ‘Thor’ and ‘Stone.’ Apart from that, Dustin also means ‘courageous fighter’ in the primeval Germanic languages. 

4. Dacian

If you belong to Romanian or Latin ancestry, you should be naming your baby boy after ‘Dacian,’ where it means ‘of the generosity,’ or ‘from the south,’ or ‘from Dacia.’ 

However, it belongs to an ancient place name, which is surrounded by modish Romania and Moldova, and tinier parts of other Eastern European countries. 

The residents of ‘Dacia’ were known as ‘Dacians.’ So, if your descendant has ever been to Dacia, you must consider this name for your little one! 

5. Damon

Is your baby boy born with a pleasant aura? Therefore, considering this cute and meaningful name, ‘Damon’ may change your munchkin’s life as it is a top-notch English variation of Damian. 

It is a mighty name with a captivating aura and significantly positive vintage associations. From the traditional myth, Pythias and Damon are symbolized for authentic friendship. 

Therefore, the popularity is still there in the USA, and it becomes one of the preferable baby boy names starting with D. 

6. Dante

If your baby boy has just landed on this beautiful earth, you might name him ‘Dante,’ which means enduring. It is the ancient Latin derivative of Durant. Nevertheless, the name is strictly associated with the superior personality Dante Alighieri. He was a known medieval Florentine poet.

So, it is more than a famous boy’s name as you may think of. If you have ever heard of Dante Gabriel Rosetti (the British pre-Raphaelite), you will surely understand how preferable the ‘Dante’ name is. Therefore, it would undoubtedly be a unique name for your little one! 

7. Darius

The list also includes the name ‘Darius,’ which has prominent historical eminence due to the ruler Darius the Great, a leading figure in vintage Persian history. It is also a preferable baby boy name starting with D, which means ‘wealth’ and ‘kingly.’ 

The name ‘Darius’ possesses a magnificently artistic image, which may surely be found on a gallery proclamation and a concert program. It is on the massive rise in popularity, and hence, could be a top-notch fit for your little one! 

8. Dawson

What’s about David’s son Dawson? If, coincidentally, David is the name of the dad-to-be, ‘Dawson’ will be the best choice for both of you due to its meaning ‘son of David.’ 

This Welsh-originated name was barely heard as a first name prior to the debut of ‘Dawson’s Creek’ in 1998. After this ostentatious debut, it leaped up a maximum of 550 places in just a year. 

9. Dax

‘Dax’ is also a top-notch name for a baby boy, which means ‘leader’ in French. Being a preferable baby boy name starting with D, the parents initially give the parents to those babies who have some enchanting factors. 

However, it also has some positivity and trendy X-factor, which makes Dax alluringly energetic. If you were an avid watcher of the fictional power ranger series, you must remember the character of Dax Lo, a mighty Blur Ranger. 

10. Dennis

Although it may sound Irish, ‘Dennis’ is the most ubiquitously used French name, which means ‘God of Nysa’ or ‘follower of Dionysius.’ 

The English and Greek origin makes it an impeccable baby boy name, and it sounds like ‘DEN-iss.’ Therefore, it would be a superior name for your thoughtful baby boy. 

Concluding Words

Did you know ‘D’ is the third famous and pervasively used baby boy initials? All thanks to the top-notch names ranging from Dean to Dennis, where it can be seen as a suitable mélange of all cultures!

These names have acquired the appellation of preferable baby boy names starting with D; hence these will be your best-in-class choice. So, after skimming through the list, make sure to go for anyone based on your preference.

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