Is WhatsApp Safe for Children? Using a Monitor App

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Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging services in the world. Millions of users use it every day to chat with friends, send videos, documents, location details, images, and chat with groups.

Since its inception, people have come to love this social media platform over others because of its efficiency, affordability, and its ability to send messages, calls, and video calls almost for free.

But as a parent, you might want to know whether Whatsapp is safe for children. This article will explore the app, its features, and monitor your children’s activities using a tracker known as Fonemonitor.


Why Whatsapp is popular

Billions of people use Whatsapp today. The app offers an easy way to send texts and make calls almost free of charge and via the internet.

With the new owners coming in, Whatsapp became even better with the addition of video calls, status, groups, and users’ ability to send documents via the same platform. And you can do all these without incurring any expense.

The platform is also secure. You can block users when needed, and no one can text you or see your details unless you have their number, and they have yours. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t receive texts from unknown numbers.

Which is the only reason why Whatsapp may become less secure for children.

Use PhoneMonitor to deal with the Security issue

Asking your child to show you his or her texts every day can be quite a daunting task. It can create strife between you and your child, and no parent wants to destroy his or her relationship with their child.

So, to ensure that your child is secure at all times, using a monitoring app is the best thing to do. And FoneMonitor is the best.

Fonemoniter WhatsApp

Why FoneMonitor

Primarily, the app has continued to receive all kinds of recognition from its millions of users and recognized online platforms such as CNET, New York Times, Digital Trends, and many others. It also comes with the following benefits.

Simple installation process

You don’t have to be tech-savvy. The process of installing this app into your child’s phone requires only seconds. And the good part is that FoneMonitor is available for all kinds of phones, Android, and iOS. Meaning, you don’t have to root or jailbreak the phone to download it into the phone.

Works behind the scenes

Fonemonitor Signup

In this case, you wouldn’t want your child to know that you have installed the app on his or her phone. Hence, FoneMonitor goes into stealth mode once you log into it. It goes behind the scenes, and since it’s only 2 MBs, your child won’t even detect its presence, which makes it easy to detect problems.

Affordable pricing

The other benefit that comes with this app is that you have different payment plans to explore. If let’s say you want to monitor several of your children’s phones, you can pay for the family plan. With the plan, you’ll be able to access most of the app’s features as well.

Easy to use

Fonemoniter Website

FoneMonitor is a simple app to use because the user dashboard provides an easy way to check out the messages he or she receives on Whatsapp remotely. You don’t need to have the phone after installing the app since you can access the phone from any browser, even when you are 1,000,000 miles away.

Additionally, FoneMonitor doesn’t just provide monitoring services to Whatsapp only. You can also monitor other social media sites, the phone’s gallery, browsing history, installed apps, and call logs and recordings.

Tips when using FoneMonitor

As a parent, you would like your spying efforts to remain as discreet as possible. With Fonemonitor, you can reduce your son’s or daughter’s chances knowing that you are monitoring their activities on Whatsapp by reducing the number of updates you get in a day.

The fewer the number, the better because their phone won’t heat up or drain its battery quickly.


As you also use FoneMonitor, set out clear principles on the most appropriate ways to use the phone. Ensure that he or she knows the repercussions if he or she starts using his or her device appropriately.

Secondly, in some states, using such a spy app can be illegal. Therefore, make sure you consult the state laws to avoid legal issues.

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