How to Choose Service to Fax from a PC

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How to Choose Service to Fax from a PC

Faxing could be taxing if you are sticking to the old paraphernalia of a fax machine, its repair and maintenance.  What makes it worse is the constant follow up and parade till the fax machine to check if your fax has come or not.

If you have been wondering how to send a fax from a pc and be relieved of the follow ups, checks and fails with the fax machine, you have reached the right place. It’s time you were introduced to CocoFax, the best online faxing service.

As it turns out, fax machines end up occupying your desk space. Thankfully, they have now been evolved into a virtual online setup. CocoFax is a communication boon as it allows its users to fax through multiple methods, without even touching a fax machine.

CocoFax: The Best Online Fax from PC

As a virtual fax provider, CocoFax is sheer brilliance. Minus the infrastructure required for a fax machine and investment required for it, CocoFax provides all related benefits. It efficiently curbs the dependency upon office infrastructure support.


You attain options, liberty and flexibility when you use CocoFax. There is no one particular prescribed method in which you can use CocoFax. The application has evolved and bettered prompt communication methods and modes.

30 Day Free Trial to Fax from PC

CocoFax understands the initial apprehensions new users have when investing in a new software or technology. Therefore, if you are not certain of a monetary commitment in form of a subscription, you still have a way out with CocoFax.

CocoFax Setup

The application offers a very massive 30-day free trial. There are other apps as well that claim to be free, but only end up ripping you off your money and time. CocoFax is certain about what it delivers and claims. So, you can gauge your compatibility with the 30-day free trial.

Without any fax machine interface, CocoFax ensures efficient sending and receiving of faxes.

Free Fax Number for your PC

You also attain a free fax number as a part and parcel of your CocoFax subscription. You do not have to apply for a fax number separately. You will get a fax number that will act as your personal fax identity.

Any faxes coming through to that number will appear in your CocoFax dashboard or your email registered with CocoFax. There is no possibility of missing out on any vital fax document. You will always be intimated on receipt of a fax.

Send a Fax from PC

Why use a fax machine when you can use a PC. There are many ways in which you can use the PC to send and receive faxes almost immediately. By virtue of using your Gmail account, yahoo mail account, outlook, etc. you can send out faxes.

CocoFax Website

Sending out fax via email is the most popular method as it requires no extra effort in sending out the fax. You just draft the mails as usual, attach the documents as usual. Whatever you intend to fax, you need to add the document as an attachment. The acceptable document attachment is docx, xls, xlsx, png and jpg formats.

The differential point happens to be when you enter the email ID. All you need to do is to just add the suffix to the fax number. There are no further requirements. The moment you hit send, the fax is sent immediately.

All you need to enter is the recipient and attach the fax document; any other detail like even the subject is just additional and unrequired. By clicking send, CocoFax makes two fundamentally different modes, namely digital and telephonic mode, interact with each other.

Fax from CocoFax Dashboard from your PC

The PC can also be used to access CocoFax dashboard that can be accessed on the web browser. The page is very efficient and handy.  Any and all faxes that are sent and received are saved in pdf formats in this dashboard.

The dashboard acts like a database of all the faxes that have been sent and received and you can attain the entire log and particulars of every single fax. As it is a web browser based application, it can be accessed from the PC or any internet compatible device.

Fax through Microsoft Office 365 from your PC

Faxes can also be sent directly through Microsoft office 365. It’s a known fact that Microsoft Office 365 is a very versatile platform. It is also becoming a very popular mode of sending faxes online. In addition to using Outlook to send out email, it can also be used in other ways.

Through Microsoft Office Word document too you can send a fax directly. The Word document serves as an active way of sending faxes and you do not have to go through the trouble of attaching the details in a separate mail.

You can browse for CocoFax and then add the platform as an add-on to the word document. When you do so, CocoFax appears as a ribbon on the word document. When you have a document ready to be faxed, you can click on the ribbon titled ‘CocoFax’.

The ribbon, when clicked, will lead to the CocoFax dashboard. It will then lead to CocoFax’s web browser. You will then sign in to the page and reconfirm on sending the fax.  Once reconfirmed, the fax document will be sent over.


So, keep your worries aside of how to send a fax from pc as CocoFax will not only ease out faxing for you, but it will also provide you efficient communication skills. The platform also has over 100+ fax cover sheets that can be used to draft faxes.

All your searches for a perfect virtual fax provider will lead to CocoFax. Have you registered for the free 30 Day trial yet? You deserve to have a first hand experience of all the benefits that CocoFax provides.

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